3 myths about vegetarism

3 myths about vegetarism

Why do some people decide to become vegetarians? In particular, that’s because most of them believe that vegetarianism is very useful for our health. Generally, vegetarians do not receive animal fat, consume less sugar and salt and include more fiber in their diet. In addition, such people weigh less. Besides, they protect the environment, what is especially important for vegetarians because they contribute to the planet’s ecology and humanity’s future.

The opponents will probably argue about the health benefits of vegetarian menu. They claim that human is a predator who must eat meat to be healthy and strong. It may be that it’s true. However, some of our imagination is seemingly far away from reality. Here are some popular myths that will be cleared up.

Myth 1: Vegetarism leads to protein deficiency. The belief that vegetables can’t be a substitute for meat because of the protein levels is wrong. Different types of meat have from 15 to 25% of protein. In the meanwhile, fruits have 5-8% of protein, vegetables and fresh herbs – 20-50%, while cereals and nuts – 10 -25% of protein! In addition, broccoli and spinach may have even 45 – 40% of protein. Besides, vegetable proteins can also be a great source of the essential amino acids.

Myth 2: Vegetarians cannot build muscle mass. This myth does not have anything with reality as well. Meat consumption slows down metabolism processes in our body because while they are digested, our body needs more time and energy for that. That’s why vegetarians may grow muscle mass quicker.

Myth 3: People are predators. No matter how weird it sounds, we have lots of things with herbivores in common. Our teeth, saliva, gastric and intestinal juices are better adapted to process and digest plant-based foods. Unlike predators, our salivary glands are developed and adapted to process plant foods and stomach acids are 20 times weaker than predators’.


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