3 natural antibiotics helping to get rid of acne

3 natural antibiotics helping to get rid of acne

If neither beautician procedures nor drugs can help you to get rid of acne, you should always try using other ways. According to dermatologists – the most effective way is, when washing your face, dry it using a paper towel, not you regular tower. Of course, that helps to stop bacteria from spreading. However, in order to find a recipe for beautiful skin and get rid of acne you should also try these resipes that all include natural antibiotics. Just like typical ones, natural antibiotics also help to destroy the bacteria that lead to acne. So, here are they:


This oil is rich in active components that are especially effective for their antiseptic powers. So, you can easily use this oil in order to get rid of acne. However, note that before applying it on your face several times a day you should dilute it.


It works just fine when you are making the soup and the meat dishes. However, it can also be easily applied on your skin and used to destroy acne. What should you do? Every day, several times a day, cut a clove of garlic into two parts and apply on your clean face. Note that garlic also has the ability to minimize scarrs, so apply it to the as well.


Aloe vera is known from the ancient times as a remedy for skin diseases. This antibiotic can easily stop infections and has also been known for its powers to accelerate skin healing processes. Therefore, aloe vera can be found in cosmetics created to clean the skin. This plant also contains the compounds that have excellent antiseptic properties. The way how you can use it: split the aloe leaf into two parts and squeeze its juice. As soon as you do that, apply to the damaged skin. Be prepared that you will see how aloe dries the skin what may initiate some kind of discomfort for you. Therefore, after using this treatment, apply some moisturizing cream on the skin to avoid dryness.

Natural antibiotics are an alternative solution for those whose skin is problematic and suffers from acne. These measures won’t cause any side effects for you, so save your money and enjoy a healthy and beautiful skin!


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