3 wrong concepts about healthy diet

3 wrong concepts about healthy diet

Nowadays healthy lifestyle is becoming more and more popular so many people start selecting what to eat and what to avoid eating. However, there are many wrong concepts about food and healthy lifestyle.

1. Sweets and gaining weight. Sugar itself cannot make you fat. We gain weight only when we use less calories than we consume. On average, active women should get about 2000 kcal per and active man – 2500 kcal. In accordance to the amount of energy, sugar is not a leading products. Most of the calories we gain with fat (1 gram of fat contains 9 kcal) and alcohol (1 gram contains 7 kcal). Proteins and carbohydrates (including sugar contain 4 kcal in 1 gram. In order to lose weight, we should be more active and limit alcohol and fat food.

2. Sugar and beverages. According to the American researcher our body does not distinguish between sugar that is naturally in the products and sugar that we add by ourselves (for example, adding it to coffee). For this reason, both sweet fruits and sweet coffee has the same affect if we take sugar into consideration. Besides, some fruits, such as bananas or grapes contain 16 percent of sugar while most of the soft drinks have 11 percent of sugar.

3. Carbonated drinks and digestive system. Carbon dioxide has no effect on gastrointestinal tract and it does not encourage accumulation gas, because gas removal from the body is not related to the liquids we drink. However, some people notice that they have a feeling of satiety after drink carbonated drinks, or the opposite – carbonated drink makes them feel lighter if they drink carbonated drinks after eating junk food. The truth is that there is no relation between carbonic acid and digestion. Besides, it is time to forget another widespread myth – neither carbonated drinks nor other foods cause cellulite. Cellulite can be controlled only by working out.



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