4 eating rules for summer

4 eating rules for summer

How should we eat in the summer so that our body wouldn’t feel exhausted? Here are some tips that should be used by you this summer.

1) Use more fluid

When weather is hot, our body loses more fluids. That’s why it’s very important to constantly keep its reserves. For the best result, choose soft drinks, cold water or green tea without sugar that will help you to relieve thirst. Experts also recommend drink about 100-200 ml of fluid every 40-50 minutes. Besides, do not underestimate soups – cold soups are not only refreshing, but also good when trying to receive fluids.

2) Choose lower-calorie meals

Forget the fatty meat, cakes, pancakes when weather is hot and eat more fruits, vegetables and dairy products. However, you don’t need to abandon the fat. Here’s how your menu should look on the hot day: 28 percent of fat (2/3 of them should be received from vegetables), 55 percent of protein (equally, vegetable and animal proteins), and 17 percent of carbohydrates.

3) Change your diet regime

Hot weather is the real test of our body. We complain about the lack of appetite and feel the gravity fed. According to specialists, in order to help the body adjust to the heat we need to change our eating plan and eat on a cooler time of day. The best time for breakfast – 6-7 am, lunch – 11-11.30 am, and the dinner -18 pm. For those who can not sleep with an empty stomach, it is recommended to eat at 20-20.30 pm.

4) Consume more vitamins

Together with fluids our body loses vitamins and trace elements (in particular, ?, B1, ?2, B6, and ??). For this reason, we feel the lack of the energy, weakened immunity and can start suffering from anemia. To avoid this, it is necessary to eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, drink natural juices, tea and yeast. And do not forget to use a little less salt than usual.


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