4 eating rules that should be broken

4 eating rules that should be broken

It’s quite complicated to follow all these different rules given by every nutritionist, doctor, and weight loss expert. Suggesting to eat ‘this’ but not ‘that’, they sometimes lead us to not-so-much-healthy choices because lots of eating rules belong to the category of nonsense. Here are 5 nutrition and diet rules that seem to be useless:

Rule 1: By eating every 3 hours you will avoid metabolic slow down.

In reality, our body needs three days of serious diet regime to go into starvation mode and slow the metabolism down. So, several hours without eating won’t make any difference on your metabolic activity. In order to keep your blood sugar level steady, spice out your meals! It will have more beneficial effects for you than eating every 2 to 3 hours.

Rule 2: Eating late makes you fat.

There is no difference between those calories consumed after 9 p.m. and calories consumed earlier in the evening. After some research made it can be said that the most important thing is how many calories people consume during a day. So, if you reach your home later than any other day, you don’t need to postpone your supper.

Rule 3: Chicken is always the healthier choice.

Nowadays everybody is convinced that chicken is the leanest meat, so it’s the best choice for those people who try to lose some weight. However, beef and pork can also be the same lean as chicken breast and sometimes may even give you more calories and fat if it’s replaced with a roasted part of the chicken. In the meanwhile, lean ground turkey and lean ground beef have the same amount of fat and calories and only ground beef gives almost twice as much iron, zinc, and vitamin B12 as the ground turkey.

Rule 4: High fructose corn syrup must be avoided!

Though it has been announced one of the causes of obesity, in reality high-fructose corn syrup has the same amount of calories as regular sugar we use every day. However, people should think about the amount they are consuming! It’s important to reduce the consumption of all the sweeteners, even the natural ones because they have no valuable substances.


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