4 habits that are bad for your waist

4 habits that are bad for your waist


It is proven scientifically! Some of your habits and lifestyle can affect your waist more than a big piece of chocolate cake.

1. No exercising. We all know that people who work out are slimmer. However, even if you are not ready for going to the gym everyday, researchers remind that active lifestyle and regular exercising is the most effective way to prevent gaining weight.

2. Too much or too little sleep. That is a bit confusing, but, in fact, both too much and too little sleep can harm. It has been determined that people who sleep less than 6 hours a day are more likely to gain weight. Unfortunately, the same is for people who sleep more than 8 hours a day. Toll little sleep usually means lots of meals during active period and too much of sleep may mean that your sleep is of poor quality and you still don’t relax so you may feel a lack of power to do sports or live more active.

3. Watching TV. Inactive lifestyle is commonly associated with watching TV on a couch. Researchers from Harvard University have proved that sitting in front of TV even if you do not snack gives you one pound in four years. Can you imagine?

4. Alcohol. People who regularly consume alcohol can gain one pound a year. This happens regardless of other factors. Why? First of all, because alcohol itself contains lots of calories. Besides, it inevitably influences how much and what kind of food you eat. A glass of wine can encourage you to have some cheese. Your appetite increases and you will not even notice that you are reaching for a large stake.


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