4 raw food diet principles

4 raw food diet principles

Raw foodism is the eating plan that includes only raw products in the menu and does not allow using any heat when preparing it. People who choose this eating plan claim that they have forgotten about colds, the lack of energy or emotional misbalance. raw foodism includes products only in their natural state – neither cooked nor baked or boiled. However, many raw-fooders don’t cut off thermally processed foods absolutely and mix raw products with them.

If you decide to start raw foodism, you are not recommended to do drastic experiments. You should look after your body and pay attention to such things as the lack of energy or sleepy. Generally, it is recommended to switch to raw food within 6-12 months. If you’re a hamburger lover, it may sound a tough task. Be aware that your body will react to the changes and you may start feeling weak, drowsy, hungry all the time, or start suffering from digestive disorders.

Basic principles of raw foodism:

1. Proper cooking temperature. Product shouldn’t be cooked under bigger than 42 C temperature because the higher temperature decomposes valuable vitamins and enzymes that can be found and results in new

2. Dryer. If you do not know how to cook bread, cakes or other baked goods without using the gas, you should read about Dryers. Be sure that it includes temperature regulator.

3. Life according to your local area. Try to use those fruits and vegetables that are sold by local farmers because exotic fruits and vegetables are often picked green and then ripen on their way to various countries. To keep them beautiful, they are treated with chemical products. In addition, our genetic system is capable to
easily recognize local foods and it absorbs them much better.

4. Blender. Since heat treatment is not allowed, people are recommended eating bended cocktails. Mixing various fruits with green leafy vegetables gives lots of vitamins and valuable minerals.


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