4 steps to a healthier lifestyle

4 steps to a healthier lifestyle

We all want to live healthy. Less fat, more fluid, less sitting at home, more exercising. In order to change your lifestyle you need to start from small things.

1. Eat healthy and regularly.

Include fruits and vegetables to your diet. Don’t forget fresh salad: lettuce, green onions, radishes, tomatoes, cucumbers. Eat blueberries, strawberries, cherries, black and red currants during summer and fresh apples and other fruits during autumn. Try to refuse fired food, forget about mayonnaise dressings on your salad. Enjoy yogurt, fruit salad, sorbet. They are easy to digest and good for your body.

2. Exercise.

No time to go to the gym? It’s not a problem! Especially on summer. Forget about your car and start walking more. Enjoy summer weather. Go camping with your friends, make picnics in the partks.

3. No stress.

When you are at work – work as much as you can, when you are at home – relax! No stress, no rush. Nothing bad will happen if you let yourself lay in bed with a cup of mint tea and enjoy a good book. Find time for everything.

4. Laugh.

At least smile more often. Your body produces vitamin C during the process of laughing. Besides, it make many of your facial muscles move which is a great way to prevent aging.



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