4 things to avoid for healthy teeth

4 things to avoid for healthy teeth

Some bad habits can be very harmful to our teeth and gums. Unfortunately, even being aware about that, people can hardly be able to give them up, because some of the habits are so strong and tenacious. If you want to have healthy and beautiful teeth, you should try to forget:

Using your teeth as instrument 
Dentists say that the most damaging thing is using your teeth for their inappropriate use. Yes, you have probably tried to cut off a piece of tape with a help of your teeth because you felt tired to go and pick up the scissors. Even so, this small laziness can be devastating if it is constantly repeated … Each time the teeth are not used as they should be, you simply damage the enamel layer and also get lots of bacteria, which do not contribute to the teeth and the body’s health.

Using a toothpick 
Yes, we are accustomed to use the toothpicks in order to remove food leftovers after eating. Unfortunately, toothpicks make unnoticeable damage for your teeth and gums. The only way to clean the spaces safely is using a special dental floss.

Using hard toothbrush
You can purchase a variety of toothbrushes found in every supermarket: soft, medium hard and very hard. Some people believe that hard toothbrush removes the dirt better, but in reality it all depends from your brushing movements. The harder the pile – the more you affect your gums.

Smoking can damage not only your teeth, but the whole body. If you compare the teeth of the smoking and nonsmoking person, you will see obvious difference of their condition and the color. In this case, you shouldn‘t expect the help from the special  toothpaste for smokers.


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