4 tips to reduce stress

4 tips to reduce stress

We all experience stress, but not all of us are able to deal with that easily. So what should we do in order to calm down?

1. Eat some nuts. Aroma of nuts makes your brain to release relaxin which makes us cal down. Your mood will increase instantly. If you eat nut regularly you will deal with stress even easier. Put some nuts in your oatmeal or other porridge, cocoa, pies or salad. You can also eat nuts alone, it’s a great snack to have in between your main meals.

2. Hold your breath. You have probably already noticed that when you are stressed, you breath quicker, you get little oxygen and breath out lots of carbon dioxide. Then your blood lacks carbon dioxide, your nervous system is confused and you get even more stressed. Try to hold your breath ha little bit when you breathe in.

3. Do some window shopping. This will calm you down. And you don’t even have to spend any money. Just walk in the stores and check the things you like. You will see that your mood will improve in 20 minutes.

4. Tear something. It may sound crazy but tearing a sheet of paper can help to cope with your stress. Repetitive movements and a sound of tearing paper can reduce the level of stress in 25 percent in 10 minutes. The effect lasts for 2 hours.



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