4 ways to burn more calories

4 ways to burn more calories

Have you heard that if we would replace 2 hour sitting with 2 hour standing, we would get rid of 3-4 kilos in one year? Here are other surprising ways helping you to burn more calories in sports. 

1. Try interval training

Interval training consists of high-and low-intensity periods, such as running and walking alternately. According to the American College of Sports Medicine, interval training burns more calories than the same period, high intensity workout. However, the quantity of the calories depends on the intensity of physical activity and your level of physical fitness. It has also been revealed that high-intensity training boosts up metabolism processes for 16 hours.

2. Get a weight-jacket
It might sound silly, but why not to try this special armor? Woman who weights 60 kilos and is dressed in a vest weighing 9 kilos can burn 15 percent more calories. It would be even better if you go for a walk, run or do leg exercises when wearing this jacket. It can be worn while working in the garden, cutting the lawn and going to the store. Why not try?

3. Exercise with a good friend
Excercising with a good friend makes you feel not only more responsible but also initiates more competitiveness which makes you burn more calories. According to studies it has been revealed that cyclists who train individually move more slowly than those who train with a group. Find a buddy and motivate each other to try harder.

4. Be more active
We burn calories not only when sweating in the gym, but when walking, working at the computer and even when gardening or discussing emotionally. These and similar activities accelerate our metabolism and help us to burn more calories each day. If you want to lose more weight, try to get the most of those 100 hours a week when awake. For example, when going by bus, stand instead of sitting.


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