4 ways to get rid of sore throat

4 ways to get rid of sore throat

No matter how strange it sounds, there are many people who suffer from the sore throat during the summer. Some of them initiate ailments by themselves when try to escape from the heat and start being obsessed with cold drinks, eat lots of portions ice cream or spend their time in cars or houses with air conditioner working. Differently from the summer mood, patient suffering from the sore throat is unable to swallow anything, feels weak and powerless. Usually, after such impairments patient needs about a week of time to recover, because body is actively working on producing antibodies that destroy the pathogen.

The main reason why we feel the pain is the inflammation processes that are usually caused by a viral infection. However, sore throat can also be a sign of serious ailments, such as blood disease (leukemia), cancer, gastroesophageal reflux, stomatitis (inflammation of the mouth), upper respiratory tract inflammation. In order to make sure you are healthy, pay attention to the signs – if your throat hurts, but you have no temperature or cold symptoms, that may be the chronic tonsillitis and sinusitis or cancer.

In order to get rid of the sore throat, you should try these natural recipes:

* Blackcurrant cocktail. Mix 4 tablespoons of black currant juice, a tablespoon of honey, 2 tablespoons of fresh lemon juice and drink several times a day.

* Beet juice with vinegar. Mix the glass of beetroot juice with a tablespoon of vinegar and use this drink to rinse your throat 5-6 times a day.
* Garlic tea. Blend 2-3 garlic cloves and them with a glass of boiling water. Cover everything and let it stand for an hour. Use this tea to rinse your throat several times a day.

Thyme tea. Take 2 tablespoons of thyme and pour over a glass of boiling water. Leave this tea to stand for 45 minutes and rinse your throat with this warm thyme infusion several times a day.


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