4 ways you can get infected by bacteria

4 ways you can get infected by bacteria

Do you like to share things with others? Of course, sharing is a sign of friendliness, but have you ever imagined that it can be risky? Microbiologists from Arizona have made a study which revealed the most infected objects surrounding us every day. Even the pen which was borrowed from a friend may result in serious bacterial disease or a virus.

Shopping carts
Just think about: you are putting the cabbage in the same place where the child was standing or a raw chicken was kept few minutes earlier. According to experts, shopping carts are full of bacteria, like E.
coli, influenza and others. To prevent the bacteria, clean and wash your hands before and after the shopping.

Cash points
It turns out that cash points have probably the most bacteria and viruses on them. One of the most dangerous bacteria is MRSA bacterium which is resistant to many antibiotics and can be even fatal. The most dangerous cash points are those that are inside the bank or shopping center because most of the time they spend in the shadow because sun kills most of bacteria. To avoid hazardous contamination, wipe cash
point with a damp cloth and, of course, wash your hands after using it.

Have you ever though of using another person’s toothbrush? Don’t make this mistake again because even the closest friend of yours can be a real jack of bacteria. Brushing your teeth, people peel their dry skin, so they can easily spread hepatitis B, C and HIV. These diseases are practically impossible to catch when kissing, so if you forgot your toothbrush, don’t clean them at all.

Mobile phones
It turns out that phones that belong for women are much dirtier than those that belong to men. This may be due to the make-up or simply because women suffer from a cold more often than men. When it comes to passing the phone to use, clean your hands.


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