5 beauty sins that lead to skin problems

5 beauty sins that lead to skin problems

Our skin is very sensitive and requires proper care to make it look beautiful. Thus it’s very important to get rid of bad habits that cause various skin problems. If you want your skin to look flawless and be healthy, learn which habits you should get rid of. No makeup products will help if you have skin problems. It’s very important to find out the reasons why you have acne, rashes, etc. The reasons may vary from poor nutrition to bad habits.

Beauty sin number 1 – sleeping without taking your makeup off. Try to imagine how you torture your skin if you go to sleep with your makeup on that block your pores and can cause you serious risk problems.

Beauty sin number 2 – using old products. We often do not realize that our mascara has a day to expire. It applies to all cosmetics, including your lipsticks and creams. Never use any product for longer than 12 months after you open it.

Beauty sin number 3 – fixing your makeup. If you apply more foundation, bronzer or blush to your skin during the day you already know the reason why you have acne and blackheads. You should better invest in good cleansing wipes that will clean your skin and give a matte effect.

Beauty sin number 4 – frequent scrubbing. Although cleaning is one of the most important steps to have a good skin, you should not overdo it. Remember that scrubbing can stimulate sebum production which will lead to acne and blackheads. Make sure you use a gentle scrub only once or twice per week.

Beauty sin number 5 – using dirty makeup brushes. Makeup brushes require regular cleaning. They accumulate dead skin cells, oils and make up products that create a good environment for the bacteria to grow. Don’t forget cleaning your brushes at least once per week.



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