5 myths about weight control

5 myths about weight control

Myth: Proper diet does not require sports. Nutrition won’t affect your muscles and won’t train your cardio-vascular and respiratory systems. Besides, your movement skills will also be forgotten. Nutrition helps the body only to provide the energy and regulate the amount of calories, so mix the diet with sport to get the best results.

Myth: “Popular” diets help to lose weight. Popular diets are temporary just like the results that are achieved with their help. The same name ‘diet’ contradicts itself. The ‘diet’ means ‘lifestyle’ which should be stable and long-term at least, without extreme changes opposite the rhythm of life and nature.

Myth: Some people can not lose weight because of their genetics. Yes, genetic characteristics such as hormonal disorders have some effect on weight loss but that does not mean that it is impossible to get rid of some weight completely. People with genetic disorder should have more effort and strength to their weight loss process.

Myth: You need only one workout a week to lose some weight. You will not only need to warm up, stretch and cool down. Workout takes more time to keep your metabolism faster. In order to drop some weight, you should have your workout 3 times a week, especially just after the inncrease of your body size and for the weight control.

Myth: Avoiding of carbohydrates helps to lose weight. Yes, it really helps, but the effect is temporal. However, carbohydrates are needed because they are one of the main sources of
energy. Remember, a person needs all the components from nature – carbohydrates, proteins, fats and vitamins with minerals.


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