5 natural medicines to treat colds

5 natural medicines to treat colds

Cold and wet weather often brings us cough, runny nose and all other unpleasant symptoms of cold. Unfortunately, sometimes even the most modern medications do not help the way we wanted to. What to do? Try treating your colds naturally. Remember that these natural remedies are effective not only to treat your illness but also to prevent it.

1. Vitamin C. Why do we need it? In order to prevent cold. If you use it regularly, vitamin C will help you to stay fresh and healthy during the season of illnesses.

2. Ginseng. Just like vitamin C, ginseng should be used to prevent cold and flu. Studies have proved that if you use ginseng for 4 months twice a day, you can reduce the risk to develop cold by 25 percent.

3. Echinacea. It should be used in order to shorten the duration of cold and flu and prevent it. As soon as you feel the first symptoms of cold, take one 500 mg pill of echinacea extract and the cold will pass away quicker. Moreover, you will have less chances to get complications.

4. Zinc. This mineral shortens the period of cold and the symptoms appear to be smoother. Zinc should be also used as soon as you feel the first symptoms of cold or flu.

5. Vitamin D. Vitamin D should be used to strengthen your immune system. Many people have a lack of this vitamin. However, if you do not have a lack of vitamin D you should not use it as it can even harm your body. To find out if you need it or not, ask your doctor to make a blood test.



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