5 rules you should follow to avoid cancer

5 rules you should follow to avoid cancer

After the cardiovascular related incidents, cancer is one of the most popular causes of death. Though hereditability makes a leading role, its risk can be also prevented by making some changes in your lifestyle. So, what should be done to minimize the risk of cancer?

Pay attention to a Body Mass Index

No matter how active you are, you should try to focus on ideal weight. No, that doesn’t mean you have to be skinny! Pay attention to your Body Mass Index and make sure your fall into the range between 18.5 and 24.9. If your BMI is more than 24.9, you are in a danger of cancer because it can result in hormone fluctuations and insulin markers that can initiate this disease in the body.

Drink alcohol in moderation

More than one alcohol drink a day can increase the risk of breast or colon cancer for women. That’s because alcohol initiates hormonal changes and may even lead to poor nutrient absorption. So, make sure you drink the right quantity of alcohol and avoid such complications.

Do some exercise everyday!

Active lifestyle is a best way to prevent cancer. According to doctors, continuous 30-minute workouts five days a week will result in decreasing the risks of colon cancer by 30%.

Avoid processed food

People who eat processed foods may initiate triggering of hormonal and digestive responses in the body. The secret is in chemicals that are usually used for food processing. In addition, if you choose processed food, it won’t give you important nutrients and substances. So, eat fresh and natural foods instead of foods full of chemicals and hormones. 

Stop smoking!

Have you known that over 30% of deaths related to cancer are associated with cigarette smoking. To avoid not only lung cancer, but bladder, kidney, mouth, esophageal, and other cancers, quit today and you will decrease the risks by 50%.


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