5 secrets for a healthy life

5 secrets for a healthy life

What are the secrets of the good health and longevity? Here are some simple tips that should be followed every day in order to help you prolong your life and feel fresh and strong.

• Laugh.
Sincere and unsuppressed laughter not only eliminates the concerns but will also help you to get rid of anxiety. It has been also found to expand the blood vessels, improve blood circulation in human’s body and reduce the risk of heart attack. In addition, laughter helps to burn much calories!

• Move
. To get sufficient physical activity it is not necessary to sweat in the gym! You can also replace it by gardening or playing with the children. All this activity is enough for  your body lines. In addition, physical exercise can be incorporated into your daily routine very easily: you should simply get rid of the TV remote control, go up the stairs instead of using the elevator, get off one stop away from your home, start cycling again.

• Eat wisely.
Your stomach takes 20 minutes to transmit the signal to your brain about the satisfaction and safety. Therefore, go up from the table earlier before you overeat and satiety will come soon. In addition, do not eat while watching TV or working on the computer because you increase the risk of consuming more food than is needed for your body. Just focus on eating and try to eat slowly in order to consume less and feel more satisfied.

Eat nuts. Nuts have been found to reduce the risk of heart disease and prolong human’s life. Worthless snacks, such as potato crisps, sweets and other are highly recommended to be replaced by nuts that are also delicious and useful. You can also try to serve your favorite foods topped with chopped nuts.

• Feel psychological comfort. Choose your friends carefully and avoid those people who do not feel sympathy for you or the opposite. Besides, avoid those who initiate negative emotions in you. Just try to build around nice people who you will be capable to have lots of fun with. 


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