5 tips for winter skin care

5 tips for winter skin care

In winter, our skin tends to dry out because it constantly suffers from air conditioners, heaters, temperature changes at home and outdoors and other things. In short, our skin is made to shout SOS in winter time, so it really needs our help. Here are some tips:

1. Take vitamins

One of the causes why our skin dries out during the winter is vitamin deficiency. Therefore, take vitamin E, fish oil and flaxseed oil – they will give necessary materials for your skin.

2. Read the package

During the cold season, you should stop using facial cleansers that contain alcohol, or alkaline compounds because they extremely dry out the skin. You should start applying milder winter cosmetics rich in natural oils and start using cleansing milk instead of cleanser or water in the morning.

3. Use warm water

In winter it is advisable to wash your face with warm water, not with hot one. If you can’t imagine your life without lying in a hot bath, shorten the time spent in the bathroom to 10 minutes.

4. Don’t overdo with scrubbing

If the skin is exhausted and dehydrated, scrub it no more than once a week because removal of the skin cells will dry out it even more. When using a scrub, chose those products that don’t have large quantities
of parabens and massage them very gently and carefully.

5. Do not rub the skin

It is important not only what products we use but how we use them on the skin. Remember, that you should avoid rubbing your skin because sooner or later you will find it flabby and without elasticity. You should tap a towel on your skin to make it dry and apply nourishing cream additionally.


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