5 unusual ways to run away from illnesses

5 unusual ways to run away from illnesses

Enhancing immunity may look like a big and complicated task but in fact it can be rather simple and even pleasant to protect yourself form getting ill. Here are 5 tips:

Go to sauna every week. It will not only help to eliminate toxins from your body, but also reduce the risk of getting cold. If you are already a bit ill, it will help you to overcome nasal congestion and cough. However, if you have fever, you should not go to sauna.

Damp the air. It would be great if you had humidifier not only at home but also at work it the air is dry there. Dry air is an ideal medium for viruses, so make sure the environment you stay in most of the times is humid enough (50-60%). If you add some essential oil to the jar of water in your humidifier, you will also be able to enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy.

Kiss more often. With kisses you transfer and receive lots of bacteria and this way you improve your immunity.

Listen to the music. You have to choose music that inspires you. This strengthens your immunity, helps to cope with stress and improves your memory.

Rinse your throat with salty water. Do this treatment twice per day (in the morning before having breakfast and at night, before going to sleep). Japanese scientists have proved that it significantly reduces the risk of getting upper respiratory tract infections.



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