6 things for your healthy breakfast

6 things for your healthy breakfast

Of course, we have all heard for a thousand times that breakfast is the most important  food of the day. This is especially important for those who try to keep their weight normal or even make the lines more beautiful. The reason way breakfast has this effect is really simple – nutritious breakfast helps you to avoid overeating throughout the day. General advice – choose your breakfast wisely.

Healthy breakfast should consist of various foods, such as wholegrain, low-fat and high protein products, dairy products or fruits. Here are some breakfast ideas for a good start to the day:

* Granola or cereals. Mix granola with banana, add low-fat milk or yoghurt. This combination will provide you with adequate dietary fiber and protein, calcium and potassium.

* Berries. Berries are a great food to start the day. Mix them with a low fat yogurt, spoon of honey and almond pieces. These foods are high in protein, which will help you to  feel full for a longer time.

* Smoothies. Fruit cocktails are a smart choice for the breakfast because they are usually made with low-fat yogurt, berries and some sugar. This dish is rich in protein and vitamins, besides, it’s very convenient when you are in a hurry.

* Warm breakfast. Start your day with warm breakfast and prepare the porridge. Heat ¼ cup of instant oatmeal with ¼ cup of cereal and 1 cup 1% fat milk. Serve with berries and melted honey. This food is a great start of the day with a sufficient amount of nutrients and fiber.

* Don’t forget the eggs. You have more options when trying to prepare warm breakfast – scrambled eggs from one egg while and one full egg with a slice of toast on the side is a perfect example of a healthy breakfast. It will give you much protein and other nutrients.

* Vegetables should be included. Put some sliced tomato, mushrooms and onion into your scrambled eggs. If you want to, also put some tomato puree to get some flavor.


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