7 best low calorie products to relieve hunger

7 best low calorie products to relieve hunger

Scientists have found that sometimes even low calorie food can be really filling. Here are 7 products that provide body with energy and relieve hunger effectively.

1. Potatoes. It is one of the most filling products. One medium size potato has about 160 calories and comparing to bread it fills you in 3 times more. Just make sure you don’t eat potatoes with meat or fat sauces.

2. Protein products (fish, lean meat, beans, peas, etc.) Our body uses literally everything from these products and they  don’t end up becoming fat on our waste.

3. Oranges. Since they have lots of fiber, they are considered to be the most filling citrus fruits. One orange contains about 59 calories.

4. Eggs. One egg for breakfast can significantly reduce your appetite and it only has 78 calories.

5. Dark chocolate. Nutritionists recommend eating dark chocolate because it slows down digestive processes. If you eat couple of pieces of it, it will help you to refuse other sweets. 28 grams of dark chocolate contains 170 calories.

6. Soft cheese (like feta). It contains concentrated linoleic acid which helps to feel full and burn fat. 28 grams of soft cheese contains 76 calories.

7. Skimmed milk. It is also very useful as it contains linoleic acid and proteins. One glass of milk contains 86 calories.


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