7 easy ways to increase your energy

7 easy ways to increase your energy

1. Take a cold shower.
Numerous people swear that taking a cold shower helps to maximize their energy level. If you can’t stand cold water, you don’t need showering only under this one but try to turn off the hot water completely for the last minute of your shower. Another way to recover could be splashing some iced water on your face.

2. Drink black tea.
In order to help yourself reduce the stress hormone levels, drink tea. Drinking tea is better than drinking coffee because it boosts the energy faster. Notice that you should drink four to six cups of black tea a day to feel the needed effect.

3. Go outside.
Starting to feel like you need to boost your energy up? Leave your desk and go outside for a few minutes. Even if the weather is cold and your walk will be aimless, go walk around. It will make a wonderful trick for your energy and mood.

4. Flirt.
To improve your mood and make your brain work again, pay attention to a little flirt. Note that it should be fun and harmless and should never lead you into something stupid.

5. Smell a citrus fruit.
Not only drinking but also smelling Vitamin C will do a miracle in revitalizing your senses and killing fatigue. Pay attention to all citrus fruits, like oranges, lemons and limes and choose the products filled with their scents.

6. Wear bright clothes.
It has been researched that our state is mostly determined by our mood given to others and then sent back to us, so dark clothes will create the same reaction. Choose bright colors instead and also try something fun and interesting to get an equally bright reaction. Of course, black colors make you look thinner but remember that happy person looks the most beautifully.

7. Take a short nap
This remedy will work only if you only keep your nap short, like five to 10 minutes. Otherwise, you may get an opposite effect of feeling tired and sleepy.


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