8 Drinks That You Shouldn’t Forget About

8 Drinks That You Shouldn’t Forget About

Everybody knows how important is to drink water. However, there are more beneficial drinks that are really important to your body. So what are they?

Green tea. Because of the antioxidants green tea strengthens bones and reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases and cancer.

Mint tea. Mint tea normalizes digestion and also has soothing effect. Additionally, peppermint eliminates muscle pains.

Low-fat milk. It’s perfect to drink when you feel hunger. Milk also helps in losing weight. Choose milk of 1% fat. It has enough of proteins, calcium and vitamin D.

Soybean milk. It prevents from heart diseases and reduces blood cholesterol levels. However, you shouldn’t completely replace cow milk with soybean milk. This may lead to the lack of calcium and vitamin A and D in your body.

Hot chocolate. This amazing drink does positive effect on your brain system and improves your mood. Hot chocolate also protects against formation of heart diseases.

Tomato juice (without salt). It contains lycopene which is useful for you lung, stomach, intestines and liver.

Cranberry juice. There are many good things about this drink, but one of the essentials – it protects against infectious diseases, gastrointestinal and urinary disorders. Cranberry juice also prevents from gum diseases and reduce cholesterol levels.

Orange juice. It’s a source of vitamin C which protects against many diseases including cataracts and cancer. Doctors advise to drink orange juice during pregnancy because it contains folic acid which is useful for normal development of a baby.



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