80/20 diet for eating smart!

80/20 diet for eating smart!

20/80 diet has an increasing number of followers and even celebrities, such as Cindy Crawford, have started to eat according to its principles that are based on a restricted quantity of food. Though following this diet is not an easy process, it allows eating your favorite food, so you won’t feel dissatisfaction. Sounds great?

The authors of this diet are U.S. nutritionists who try to reduce the risk of obesity among the people who have been accustomed to eat lots of high calorie foods. Think about it: an average American manages to eat one plate of creamy soup with croutons, large tuna sandwich with cheese and soy sauce, one portion of French fries and a piece of cake. Our way of life encourages to purchase, supply – to taste, so we are led directly to overeating.

So what what’s the secret of 20/80 diet? First of all, you shouldn’t start to change your eating habits, but the quantity of food that you eat. Nutritionists claim that psychological shock which appears when we are required to stop eating our favorite foods promotes the stress and that leads us to frustration and constant hunger. So, American nutritionists suggest reducing the food intake and then gradually withdrawing harmful foods.

When you go to eat your traditional lunch, like soup, pizza or sandwich with fries and a dessert, try to imagine this amount in your stomach. You may be sure that your stomach will become bloated and this will obviously affect your shapes. In order to avoid this, eat only a half of your soup and then take a bite of the sandwich. Additionally, continue to eat your soup. Having eaten the bowl of soup and a couple bites of sandwich and fries you should feel saturated and satisfied. If you want to taste the cake, also take only some bites with a fork. Then ask for a waiter to pack the remaining food and take a look at home – you have eaten only 20 percent of unhealthy foods.

Once you start thinking about such traditional unhealthy lunch, you should always act the same way. You’ll notice that you feel 80 percent satisfied because you can eat your favorite food. Why not 100 percent happy? That’s because you will see unfinished dishes that will encourage you to eat anything until the last bite.

So, this diet is useful for everyone who wants to reduce his food intake and unnoticeably start to eat less and healthier. 20/80 diet is a good start for people that have decided to change their eating habits.


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