A handful of cherries instead of aspirin

A handful of cherries instead of aspirin

There are about 130 species of cherries known around the world. One of the oldest species is Chinese cherry which is now grown in Japan and China as decorative plant. Cherries are growing almost all around the worl for a very long time.

Cherry season is short so as soon as it comes we should enjoy the taste and the benefits of these berries. Cherries contain lots of organic acids, vitamin C, folic acid. The red pigment of cherries acts as an antioxidant which strengthens immunity and reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

according to the researchers, 35 cherries relieve pain better than aspirin as the pigments of cherries inhibits the activity of enzymes which cause inflammation. Other great options to relieve pain by eating berries are red currants, raspberries and pomegranades.

Cherries are highly valued by gourmets. The can be eaten fresh, dried or preseved. Cherries can be used to prepare jams, various syrups, sweets, wines and soft drinks.

Do not underestimate cherries and enrich your life with these wonderful berries. It’s a great snack in between your main meals or a replacements of your dinner if you want to lose couple of pounds.



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