All true facts about contrast shower

All true facts about contrast shower

What shower is more useful for health: cold or hot? First of all, there should be noted that cold water causes stress to your body, besides it raises the level of adrenaline. Cols shower is forbidden for those who had such diseases a malaria, anemia or who had lymph glam inflammation and other similar ailments. Long hot shower can lead to sudden loss of vitamin C in your body.

The best shower is considered to be contrast shower. Hot water expands your veins and opens skin pores. For this reason, all toxins are removed from the body. When you change hot water stream to cold water stream, your nerves starts responding so first of all you skin pores are closed. All this helps cleanse your skin very well, it becomes smoother and the entire skin tone is improved.

Contrast shower improves blood pressure, activates metabolism and helps to strengthen immune system. In general, such shower gives you energy and even helps to get rid of overweight and eliminate cellulite.

You should have in mind that hot and cold water has to be as hot and as cold so that it makes you feel good. You should try getting used to contrast streams gradually, without hurrying up. Contrast shower has to start with hot water stream and end with cold water stream.

Hot and cold water streams should be changed every minute. If you stay under hot water stream for more than one minute your body can start losing minerals and vitamins. Long cold shower can affect your nervous system.



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