Bad habits in the kitchen

Bad habits in the kitchen

Did you know that some bad habits in the kitchen can not only destroy the taste of your dish but also harm your health. Here is a list of bad habits that you should try to get rid of.

Heating oil too much. Many of us start heating oil at the very beginning of cooking. However, if you heat oil for too long, the heat can destroy antioxidants and form hazardous substances. If you want to cook healthy, heat oil until it start chirp a little.

Stirring too often. Try minimizing mixing and stirring when the dish is cooking already. This doesn’t allow your dish to cook well enough.

Putting too many products to the pan at the same time. Cooking is all about patience. Maybe you find it easier to put everything to the pan at once, but actually this will even prolong cook time. Besides, some products may lose their qualities after cooking too long.

Cutting fried meat straight away. Never cut it straight after taking if from the oven. Leave it at least for a few minutes so the juice would distribute evenly.

Stirring batter for too long. If you stir it for too long, flour can start forming gluten and the pastry will be hard.



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