Banana diet – easy and delicous way to lose weight

Banana diet – easy and delicous way to lose weight

Banana is one of the most nutrious fruits and it can also be useful in losing weight. Bananas are a natural source of sugar which helps to suppress appetite. If you want to lose weight, there are a few tips that your should know.

Probably noone could deny that bananas are really tasty fruits for their mild and pleasant flavor. It should be noted that they also contain lots of useful vitamins, fiber and natural sugar. These exotic fruits are perfect to treat gastrointestinal disorders. Despite the fact that bananas have many calories they are still classified as dietary.

Here are two simple banana diets for those who want to cleanse their bodies and get rid of a few kilos.

Diet no. 1

Mash 3 bananas and mix them with milk or yogurt. Such mix is very useful for cleaning your stomach. This diet should last for 3-4 days. You can also drink milk, green tea and water as much as you want during this diet.

Diet no.2

This diet lasts longer – for 7 days. During a day you can eat 10 bananas at any time you want. You can also drin green tea and water. As this diets lasts for quite a long time, you body may need more proteins. In this case, you can add two boiled eggs.

both of these diets are rich in potassium which is extremely beneficial for your heat function. However, the only problem about such mono diets is that after a diet many people start eating everything and as much as they want without any limits. This leads to a “yo-yo” effect. So you should remember that when the diet is over, you should start eating healthy food. Also don’t forget that a sense of satiety comes later, so you should stop eating while you are still a little bit hungry.



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