Beautiful hands secrets

Beautiful hands secrets

Our hands are almost irreplaceable in our life, so we definitely need to look after them. The structure of their skin is very specific as it has not much sebaceous glands and almost no subcutaneous fat layer. Besides, there is only 20% of water on the upper part of the skin what makes them very sensitive to moisture and fat deficiency. The lack of moisture can lead our hands to aging, they can easily dry out and finally become rough.

Trying to avoid this, we need to moisture our body. It’s is highly recommended drinking 2 – 2.5 liters of pure water every day because when the body lacks of water, skin is affected in the first place.

Another step when trying to make your hand skin beautiful is a regular use of hand masks. Pay attention to the type of the skin and choose the right procedures to support moisture. After nourishing, hands must also be protected. The easiest way to do that is using gloves or protective cream.

The whole appearance of our hands is highly dependent on the state of their muscles and there are two options suggesting different ways of improving and strengthening them. The first one offers trying a massage while the other relies on physical exercises. There is good news – in order to improve the appearance of your hands there is no need of visiting massage or sports clubs. Try these simple and effective ways of hand massage and improve the condition of their skin and internal organs. This massage is usually started by moves the same as when you are washing your hands, so start with smooth stroking. After one minute, follow these steps:

1. Exercise your joints: clench and then unclench your fist, do this for ten times.
2. Exercise each finger for two – three times from all sides.
3. Complete with the hand-rubbing.

Do these steps for five – six minutes and when reaching for the maximum effect, combine them with procedures like masks or baths.


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