Beneficial properties of coconuts

Beneficial properties of coconuts

Did you know that coconut tree is also called the tree of Life? This is not surprising. After all, coconut has many special healing powers and benefits.

Hydration. Coconut water contains many active components. It has the same amount of electrolytes as our blood making it particularly suitable for people who sweat a lot. In other words, it has a power of returning what we are losing while sweating.

Vitamins and minerals. Fresh coconut water is rich in vitamins and minerals: potassium, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, vitamin B1, B2, B6, C, and many more.

Weight loss. A mixture of coconut water, mango and banana is not only delicious, but is also very filling. You will need: 1 small coconut flesh and water, 2 bananas and 1 mango. Blend everything very well and you will have a great snack that speeds up your metabolism. Remember that is you eat coconut regularly, it can reduce the need for sweets.

Digestion. Coconut is rich in fiber, which improves digestion and prevents constipation. Nuts have natural antibacterial properties. They destroy harmful bacteria and fungi.

The energy charge. Although coconut oil is a fat, it is quickly converted into energy. Coconut oil regulates blood sugar levels, increases endurance, supports thyroid function and protects against chronic fatigue.

Beauty tool. Organic cold-pressed oil can be used as a face and body moisturizer or a lip balm. It gives your hair shine and protects your skin from the sun. It is highly recommended to use coconut oil during pregnancy as it helps to prevent stretch marks.



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