Benefits of fresh carrot juice

Benefits of  fresh carrot juice

Carrot juice is know for more than 400 years. They were especially popular in the early twentieth century, when it was used to treat ulcers and various inflammation. Carrot juice are so beneficial because it contains vitamins B, C, E, PP. If you eat 100 grams of carrots per day, it odes not matter in what form), you will receive a daily intake of carotene. However, if you drink carrot juice, you should avoid such products as sugar, starch and food that contains lots of flour.

Usually carrot juice are consumed alone. Some people like to mix it with apple juice, milk or cream. One more thing to mention, if you want carotene to be absorbed better, add a few drops of olive oil into your glass of carrot juice. Remember that you have to drink it slowly, around 30 minutes before your main meal.

Carrot juice a rich in retinol which increases protein synthesis. Doctors recommend drinking it for kids who suffer from some physical or mental disabilities. Sometimes, if you drink lots of carrot juice, your skin can get a yellowish tint. There is nothing bad in that and it happens because of carotene.

Start your day with a glass of fresh carrot juice and you will soon notice a difference in your life. Your family will be grateful for you too.



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