Benefits of vitamin A

Benefits of vitamin A

First of all you need to know that vitamin A has been discovered in 1923. this vitamin is involved in the main functions of our body. It also nourishes our skin cells and for this reason our skin remains young and beautiful. It is also important to add that vitamin A is necessary for good vision as well as to strengthen your immune system. Basically, it is a vital vitamin for our bodies.

A lack of vitamin A can cause bad vision, especially it becomes difficult to see in the dark. Another symptom that your body lack vitamin A is dry skin. There is also a chance of developing a cancer if your body lacks vitamin A.

Too much of vitamin A can also have some negative consequences. It is not recommended using vitamin A supplements for too long because eventually some diseases of heart and blood vessels can develop. It can also lead to formation of cancer cells. This happens because vitamin A belongs to a group of vitamins which tend to accumulate if there is an excess of them.

Sources of vitamin A

Vitamin A (retinol) can be obtained from animal products. Some plant products are also a good source of vitamin A if they have carotene as it is converted to vitamin A in human body. So you have to know that the best sources of vitamin A are diary products, butter, egg yolks and livers. Carotene is found in carrots, apricots, green vegetables and plants, cabbages, yellow colored fruits and vegetables and sunflower seeds.

Daily intake of vitamin A

Scientists have found that human body needs somewhere around 1.5 milligram of vitamin A per day. To make it easier to understand, you need to eat 100 grams of carrots per day in order to get a suggested daily intake of vitamin A.



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