Biggest Diet Myths

Biggest Diet Myths

A healthy diet is one of the most effective ways to lose weight. Diets recommend what foods we are allowed and not allowed to eat in order to reach our goal. However, sometimes people overdo with diets and by looking for a new way how to lose weight, lots of myths are created. Here are some biggest diet myths:

Beer makes your belly fat.

We all know that alcohol contains lots of calories. However, recent study has shown that abstinent women are more likely to gain weight than those who sometimes drink alcoholic beverages. The study has been made having in mind other habits, like smoking, exercising and food intake. However, it doesn’t mean that the study promotes alcohol and researchers emphasize that a research has been made with women that has healthy initial weight.

Juices and diet drinks are the best beverages to choose.

Even though juice is considered to be a healthy drink we should have in mind that they still contain calories. Sometimes even more than we could imagine. This is especially important for people who have diet based on counting the calories. The calories of beverages shouln’t be neglected.

One more kind of drinks that are often included into lives of people who are on diet are diet drinks. Don’t forget that if a drink doesn’t contain sugar, it will definitely contain sweeteners. There are some theories claiming that sweeteners increase cravings for food that contain lots of calories. So have in mind that the best beverage you can have if you’re on diet or not is water.

Fat-free food is the best choice when you’re on diet.

No matter how nice word fat-free would sound it doesn’t protect you from getting weight. Not even close to that. Fat diggestion supresses a hormone that makes us feel hungry and because of that we feel full in a shorter period of time. Besides, fat helps to absorb vitamins and it is also important for normal functioning of our brain, skin, heart and other organs.

Work out and you will be able to eat everything you want.

Even though exercising is an effective way to lose calories it will never work if you combine it with eating tons of junk food. Exercising is great to regulate appetite, it’s good for your heart, etc. However, it will give you desirable results only if you pay attention on what food you put into your mouth.


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