Blood type diet

Blood type diet

Blood type diet is based on the principle that people all have different types of the blood, so they should eat different food according to this type. It is believed that different blood groups are the cause of evolution, so people differently tolerate nutrients and trace elements. According to its supporters, this diet offers properly chosen food for everyone and protects them from gaining extra pounds or feeling tired and exhausted. 

Type 0

People, who have 0 blood type, are recommended choosing food that has a huge amount of proteins. Carbs should be limited and replaced with fish, white meat, vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds. You should avoid rice, cereal products, pasta and dairy products as well. For sports, Type 0 is recommended choosing cardio workouts: jogging, bike treading, aerobics will be the most effective. Such workout should take from 20 to 60 minutes (the optimal option – 30-40 minutes).

Type A

People with type A blood are highly advisable to choose vegetarian diet because their body is perfectly able to survive without meat. The healthiest of them choose lots of whole grains, vegetables, fruits and legumes and say that the best they feel when they eat low-calorie and low-fat foods. These people are advised to choose pilates, yoga, golf for exercising.

Type B

This group of people can be easily called the happiest of all because they don’t have to refuse certain foods. However, they must limit the amount of food. These people can easily mix vegetables with fats and carbohydrates and enjoy the food. Most of these people should control food portions. For sports, the best activity would be basketball, swimming, dancing or boxing.

Type AB

These people are close to A and B blood types’ diet. However, they are still recommended to follow vegetarian recommendations but sometimes just enjoy the meat, poultry or carbohydrates: bread, sweets, pasta, potatoes. These people should combine meat with legumes, eat lots of fruits and vegetables. Sport’s activity should be individual, such as fitness and dance lessons or riding a bike.


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