Blue plates can save you from overeating!

Blue plates can save you from overeating!

Summer is the best time to reveal your true beauty: you can wear various dresses, swimwear and shorts. However, it won’t be so beautiful if you don’t have tight muscles and flat belly. To stop your body from constant demands for food, we offer a rather unconventional way of suppressing your hunger – colors. According to this theory, the feeling of satiety is influenced by the place where you eat normally and the color of the dish. Though it sounds not so convincing, psychologists and nutritionists say that colors do have some power.

According to experts, blue is the best color if you wish to refrain from overeating and notice all the tastes better, so you should try choosing blue plates and also changing refrigerator’s light to a blue light bulb. In addition, the students of University of Hawaii have even tried to paint the food with blue because blue foods are not so usual! However, you should try eating more kale, blue potatoes and, of course, blueberries!

According to scientists, there have been also found colors powerfully simulating our nervous system and hunger – most of them are rich and warm, like yellow, orange, red, light brown. They unnoticeably affect our sensory organs, so that’s why food which is in orange or yellow bowl will look much tastier than in the white one. That’s why cafes and restaurants often use these colors for their interior or menus. White color is neutral and no significant impact on our appetite has been noticed.

So, orange simulates our hunger and blue, in contrast, reduces it. If you seek and to enjoy your diet and its results, try eating from the blue and even from black or dark plates because they will reduce your appetite and put your thoughts off.


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