Caffeine helps to reduce a risk of skin cancer

Caffeine helps to reduce a risk of skin cancer

According to researchers, two or more cups of coffee per day or other products that contain caffeine can help to reduce a risk of getting skin cancer.

Researchers of Harvard Medicine School were investigating 112 thousands volunteers and found out that caffeine reduce a risk of carcinoma. It’s a form of skin cancer which is considered to be less dangerous than melanoma. A detailed study was started in 1976 in order to find out which products can help to prevent cancer. During the study researchers were watching eating habits of the volunteers including caffeine consumption. The results showed that the one who were consuming more caffeine had a smaller risk of developing carcinoma.

However, the researchers do not claim that people should increase the amount of coffee they drink. Two cups per day are more than enough. We should not forget that caffeine has some negative effect on our health too. It is even related to type 2 diabetes and even Parkinson’s disease. Caffeine can also be addictive.

Previous researches have shown that caffeine helps to improve brain functioning and reduces the risk of liver cirrhosis.



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