Cake for breakfast? You must have one!

Cake for breakfast? You must have one!

French researchers have found surprising fact: when trying to get rid of unwanted pounds, you should always have a piece of chocolate cake or other dessert for your breakfast. Though all the skeptics will disagree and will say that it sounds too good to be true, recent research has revealed that having a dessert after your normal breakfast helps to burn unwanted pounds! According to them, morning is the ideal time to eat sweets, because of the metabolism processes that are the fastest then. In addition, after eating a piece of chocolate cake in the morning, you will have all day to burn these calories.

The study has included two groups of adult people suffering from obesity. One group was given 300 calories for their breakfast which was low in carbohydrates, while another was allowed to get 600 of calories for their breakfast including a small piece of chocolate cake for a dessert. After 32-week experiment, half of the volunteers in both groups lost about 16 kilograms. However, during the second study of low-carb eating for breakfast men gained 10 kilograms on average. In the meanwhile, those who has a dessert for their breakfast gaines only 7 kilos. Finally, it has been revealed that those participants who were given 600 calories for their breakfast lost 20 kilos more than their colleagues.

Although both groups consumed the same number of calories per day (men were given 1600 calories, while women – 1400), volunteers who were following lower-carb eating plan felt less satisfied and more hungry. Their desire to eat something sweet was much stronger and eventually led them to overeating.


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