Can obesty be caused by ‘chemical calories’?

Can obesty be caused by ‘chemical calories’?

Recent studies have showed that obesity can be caused not only by calories got from food but by ‘chemical calories’ as well that are included into body care and hair care products, such as hair shampoo, body lotion or soap. According to New York doctors from Mount Sinai Medical Center, phthalates, one of the most popular chemical additives found in more than 70 percent of cosmetics and household hygiene products, has been found to disrupt normal balance of hormones that help to keep your weight stable in the body.

According to experts, every day use of phthalates and these chemical containing products breaks down natural weight control system in the body and may initiate obesity for both children and adults. This study has analyzed women of various age, frequency of their contact with phthalates-containing products and their weight changes. According to the leader of this study, maximum levels of phthalates were found in those girls, who weigh was the biggest. According to him, a new tendency that the more human weighs, the more he has phthalates in his urine, has
been noticed.

According to this study, there has been found another source of ‘chemical calories’ as well. This one is called bisphenol-A or BPA. Experts say that phthalates is absorbed through human’s skin and BPA disrupts the endocrine system by affecting the body’s important functions that control the glands and hormones. Even a slight disturbance in human’s hormonal balance can significantly rule the process of weight loss, so when trying to lose some weight you should avoid those products that include collision and other two above-mentioned chemical ingredients.


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