Carrot diet

Carrot diet

If you want to lose 3-5 kilos in 3-4 days you should consider following this carrot diet. It will not only help you to lose weight but also clean all toxins and speed up your metabolism. The main principle of this diet is carrots, carrots and once again carrots. If you really want you can also eat one apple or orange. You should also drink lots of water and green tea.

Breakfast: 3 grated carrots, lemon juice and a spoon of sour cream that is low in fat.

Lunch: 3-4 grated carrots with lemon juice and honey. Eat an apple, an orange or a kiwi if you want.

Dinner: a glass of fresh carrot juice.

Remember that carrots are hard to digest, so you have to chew your salad really well. After you complete a diet, do not start eating regular food straight away. First day after diet you should eat boiled potatoes without slat. During the second day – leguminous vegetables salad. During the third day – lean meat and fresh vegetable salad.

Restrictions: you shouldn’t follow this diet if your stomach is particularly sensitive or you have some bowel disease.



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