Causes of obesity

Causes of obesity

Millions of people carry overweight like a cross and this is inexhaustible revenue for manufacturers of slimming products. Diets, exercising, starvation, calorie counting are driving everyone crazy, even if you are healthy and spiritually strong person. You should understand that in order to lose weight you need to know what causes getting weight.

The main reasons are irregular eating, overeating, excessive love of sweets or fatty foods, sedentary lifestyle and genes. However, there are few more reasons why many of us have extra kilos. These reasons are psychological.

Ignoring problems often become the main reason of unhappiness. Problems at work or personal life encourage us to open the fridge. Sausage, cheese, chicken, chocolate, cakes – everything is so tasty. It seems that you eat a little bit and life becomes not so cruel. If only this habit wouldn’t give us some extra kilos. We unconsciously try to hide from our problems. Eating becomes happiness which often lacks in reality. However, instead of happy life be gain a bunch of complexes: losing self-confidence, becoming shy and inferior.

Another reason is quite different. Relatively it can look that everything is okay, a man is successful, his career goes great and so on. It seems that he has already reached everything so he can live paying attention only to his pleasures. And one of the pleasures is eating. For women it often happens when they get married. They start cooking in order to be perfect wives and when there is some much good food around, it is difficult to say no to it. They eat at the time of cooking and then eat again with a spouse. Women don’t even notice how they start gaining weight.

Last but not least that affects our weight is fear of changes. If you lose weight, your life will change completely. Probably you will start dating more and so on. Unfortunately, this will make other people jealous as well. Sometimes a person is not ready for any changes, he is satisfied with his current life and he doesn’t allow losing weight for himself without even knowing it.

There are so many causes of obesity and all of them are so specific, depending on each person. One of the best advises that can be given for those who want to lose weight, make sure to do it with someone else. This will make it a lot more fun.



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