Change your eating habits for summer

Change your eating habits for summer

1. Turn off TV and computer

To eat less, stop watching TV or playing with your computer while eating because you won’t get as much satisfaction from your dinner as you could. That’s because multitasking distracts your attention and people can’t even be capable to tell what exactly they have just eaten. In addition, you will significantly hungry afterward.


2. Choose micro clothes

According to some studies, women who wear loose clothes eat more because they don’t feel any dissatisfaction. As the weather gets warmer, start wearing minis to prevent you from snacking and choosing bigger portions that you are used to.


3. Plan

Sticking to your diet and reaching the goals means every day thinking what and when you’re going to eat. According to a study, people who make a concrete plan eat more fruit and vegetables during a week. That’s because they visualize their actions and prepare themselves for that.


4. Pay attention to drinks

During the summer, people don’t count the calories of their frozen cocktails and think about staying cool only. However, few margaritas or sangrias are secretly packaging hundreds of calories. If you want to stay cool, you should have already heard that water is the best drink. However, if you still want a cocktail, try tequila and seltzer on the rocks.


5. Sleep

A recent study shows that a good night sleep (like 8 hours a night) leads to a better fat loss while you are on a diet. Besides, you won’t feel as hungry as when you find only 5 hours a night for your sleep. Two groups of volunteers who were on a diet and slept 8.5 hours a night and just 5.5 hours per night said that they have lost the same number of pounds but they lost less fat (1.3 pounds versus 3 pounds), and felt hungrier.


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