Cheat on your hunger or how to stop eating after 6 p.m.

Cheat on your hunger or how to stop eating after 6 p.m.

Most nutritionists recommend eating less at night and even stop eating after 6 p.m. All of us should do that even if you don’t want to lose weight. At night all processes slow down in our body and eating only balances this out. Here are a few great tips that will help you to stop eating before bedtime.

If you had your dinner already and you still feel hungry, eat a small cup of natural yogurt. Do not eat fruits at night as they contain carbohydrates so they should be eaten at the first part of the day.

Have some healthy snacks at work, for example, cheese, bread, fruits, dried fruits or nuts. Having little snacks will help you to feel a sense of satiety throughout the day and you will not feel hungry.

You can also have a cup of green or herbal tea if you feel hungry. Another option – pumpkin seeds which are useful for your body and have less calories then most of the seeds and nuts. Do not use too much spices while cooking as they increase appetite.

Another way to suppress hunger is having a hot bath. It may sound ridiculous but even brushing your teeth may help as it will be a sign that you cannot eat anymore.

If you still think about food, do something different, for example, go jogging or just for a walk. You will lose some calories this way and fresh air will help you to sleep better.

Always find something to do as you will start snacking out of boredom. Watch a movie or read a good book.


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