Chicken broth enhances immunity and protects your heart

Chicken broth enhances immunity and protects your heart

Chicken broth is not only a delicious dish, but also useful to treat cold and some other illnesses.

Chicken contains more protein than beef or pork. It also has more and unsaturated fatty acids. Therefore, this meat is easily absorbed and can be used to prevent from ischemia, infarction, stroke, hypertension and also to strengthen immunity.

Chicken has vitamin B2 which regulates assimilation of carbohydrate and fats, also positively affects your nervous system, skin and nails condition), vitamin B6 which strengthens the nervous system, and improves skin condition, vitamin B9 which increases body’s resistance to adverse environmental factors and is also required during pregnancy, Vitamin B12 which strengthens the immune system, normalizes blood pressure which is needed to ensure reproductive health, prevents from depression and insomnia.

Chicken broth has lots of easily absorbed iron, sulfur, phosphorus, selenium, calcium, magnesium and copper. Besides, if you make broth from chicken breast without skin, it contains almost the same low amount of cholesterol broth as in fish.

Recent studies have confirmed that chicken broth has positive effect on the cardiovascular system. Even a small cup of broth, if used regularly, can normalize cardiac rhythm. Scientists explain this with the fact that fresh chicken meat has a specific protein – peptide.

Problems with stomach? Get some chicken broth. Soft meat fibers attract excess acids in a stomach for those who have gastritis or duodenal ulcer.

Chicken broth also has lysozyme, which reduces the activity of viruses and bacteria and doesn’t allow cold to progress.



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