Christmas allergy

Christmas allergy

Despite the fact that many people are allergic and feel constant discomfort on one of the most beautiful time of the year – the spring, they can also be attacked by an allergic reaction on the holidays – Christmas and the New Year. Clearly, allergy is caused not by the holidays, but by all the attributes that are used for making them bright and beautiful. Most of them are used continuously, so other time they wait for their chance to appear in our cabinets and gather lots of allergenic dust in the meanwhile.

According to the latest researches, people can be allergic to various things that symbolize Christmas, such as Christmas trees or festive fragrances that are used for filling rooms with pleasant scents. Allergy for the tree occurs through your wet eyes, sneezing and itchy skin, while there is a wide range of dried petals that can cause serious allergic reaction. For this reason, people suffering from allergies should avoid visiting the malls on Christmas and the whole holiday season, because they are also filled with a wide range of chemical festive flavors.

It has been also spread the whole list of recommendations that should be followed during the holidays for helping the people who suffer from allergies. In particular, allergy comes from the traditional holiday dishes – roasted chestnuts, clementines, oranges and other citrus fruits. Another problem that often comes during the winter is that allergies are confused with a simple cold. In addition, to protect yourself from unpleasant experiences through the most beautiful holidays of the year, it’s recommended to choose an artificial Christmas tree. Experts also advise keeping in your home about 50 percent humidity.


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