Controversial carbohydrates

Controversial carbohydrates

Among all the nutrients the most controversial are carbohydrates. On the one hand, they are the main source of our body’s energy, on the other hand – it’s one of the reasons of our weight gain. Indeed, the so-called ‘simple carbs’ are closely connected to obesity, while ‘complex carbs’ make people more energetic, smarter and healthier. Daily intake of carbohydrates should be 60 percent of all the calories got with food what means 300-350 grams a day.

When we gain some extra pounds, we tend to blame carbohydrates for that, so when we start following a diet, first thing we stop eating is carbohydrates precisely. Women who are on a diet, start eating only protein food, but it’s rarely justifies their expectations because the energy value of 1 g of proteins and carbohydrates is the same – 4 calories. In addition, the lack of carbohydrates is very dangerous for our organism and if the daily intake of carbohydrates is reduced to 50 grams, production of energy won’t be ensured.

According to nutrition experts, the biggest part of most overweight people is consuming too much ‘simple carbs’. These substances are converted into glucose very quickly and finally converted into fat. In addition, the food rich in these substances has almost no valuable vitamins and minerals needed for our body, so it additionally is forced to use its reserves.

Differently from the ‘simple carbs’, ‘complex carbs’ are absorbed by our body very slowly, so the sugar does not increase suddenly. Feeling of fullness lasts longer and the body gets useful vitamins, minerals and fiber.

‘Simple carbohydrates’ can be easily got from pasta, sugar, ice cream, soft drinks, alcohol, white rice, etc. Their content in our daily diet should take no more than 15 percent of our daily calorie intake. You can get ‘Complex carbohydrates’ from vegetables, fruits, berries, seeds, whole grain bread or pasta, rough rice or cereals.


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