Cosmetic products you don’t need

Cosmetic products you don’t need

There are hundreds of billions cosmetic products that are sold for us every day. However, most of them are useless or can be replaced by cheapest and natural products:

Lip balm
Many of women are addicted to lip gloss, lip balm or lipstick. The truth is that many of these beauty products contain alcohol that dries our smiles out. The truth is that putting the lip balm on again and again and again … you just dry them out, so choose the product carefully or try to live without it.

Shaving cream
Another product which be forgotten is shaving cream. Of course, it’s good to feel something between the razor blade and your skin, but there are many alternatives to this product that do not contain sulphates and foaming chemicals. You should try using hair conditioner or replace it with cosmetic oil or soap.

Products after shaving

Many people think that products after shaving are needed to “close” the pores. In fact, pores are smart enough to do it themselves. The main objective of such products is to restore the damage caused by the shaving cream – to balance the pH of the skin again. According to beauty experts, this can be perfectly done with the rum!

Foot cream

The skin on your feet and heels is thicker than on the other parts of the body, but that does not mean that it requires a separate category of beauty products. The skin of your feet can be easily fed with body lotion (especially the one containing Shea butter). Additionally, to help for absorption, put on your woolen socks.

We need this product “to restore balance”. However, in reality that’s because we choose wrong products – many soaps are alkaline-based, and our skin is acid-based. To do this, you can perfectly use the soap. Well, if you still want to use tonic, look for one that contains no alcohol.

Body Scrub / Peeling
In reality we are created to be able to get rid of the dead skin by ourselves. True, sometimes it is a good feeling to scrub the skin but instead of opening the wallet for another beauty product you should get a good sponge/glove or make a scrub at home: olive oil, sugar, vanilla essence drops – you will go crazy!


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