Dark chocolate for your health

Dark chocolate for your health

Medical history tells us that doctors have been always having different point of view to such products as chocolate, tea, coffee and sugar. Even nowadays, scientists do not agree which stimulating products are important for us and which ones should be accused. However, even one thing has been proved – a small amount of chocolate eliminates stress and can effectively give the feeling of pleasure.

In the seventeenth century, chocolate was used as a medicine and recommended to treat almost all diseases. Research shows that this product truly protects our teeth from decay because of the cocoa
butter, but the sugar which can be found in it is harmful just like any other sweet food. In addition, eating lots of chocolate can cause other health problems because cocoa butter is rich in fats that increase blood cholesterol levels and lead to heart disease. However, according to the researchers from the University of California, chocolate is rich in phenol, which additionally helps to reduce this risk.

Scientific journal “Heart” says that dark chocolate causes the sudden increase of blood flow in our blood vessels. This condition lasts for 8 hours after eating. Scientists believe that dark chocolate is rich in useful antioxidants – flavonoids – keeping our blood vessel walls young and preventing early stagnation. So, few pieces of dark chocolate a day can help us to reduce the risk of developing heart problems and delays the arterial calcification. One of the best effects of chocolate is the feeling of pleasure. Just like the caffeine, it is also believed to induce a sense of inspiration. Keep in mind that milk chocolate does not have such medicinal properties.


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