3 essential steps for those who want to have healthy teeth

3 essential steps for those who want to have healthy teeth

There are no doubt that daily brushing is the simplest way to keep your teeth healthy. Unfortunately, this is not enough. Other factors, such as dietary habits, also have a big effect on your teeth. Experts offer to pay special attention to three dietary principles that must be followed if you want to have healthy teeth for a long as possible.

Drink water

The main cause of tooth decay is a decrease of minerals in tooth enamel. This process can be fastened by drinking sweet drinks, such as fruit juice, lemonade and so on. Sweet beverages not only contain various sweeteners but also acids. Acids deplete tooth surfaces, so if you often have sweet drinks, your enamel will become more porous and it will wear out quicker.

Stop snacking all the time

Although often we don’t notice it, but sugar is in almost all dishes. So every time you eat, our mouth living microorganisms get some sugar. This way various acids are produced and gradually they are doing irreparable damage to the teeth. To avoid this, you should eat no more than 4 times per day. Make sure your meals are 3-4 hours apart. However, there is a snack that can help prevent tooth decay because it contains bacteria that neutralize acids. And this snack is aged cheese. Cheese will also provide teeth with calcium and phosphorus.

Avoid cold or hot food

The contrasting temperature is an old enemy of teeth. Very hot or very cold food and drinks causes various inflammations. It can also cause pain and tooth sensitivity. So, as much as we would like to enjoy ice cream with coffee, bear in mind that this is horrible for your teeth.


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