3 tips to maintain white and healthy teeth

3 tips to maintain white and healthy teeth

Genetics is a cause of a variety of health problems, as well as a crucial factor for dental health. So how to take care of your oral hygiene so that natural factors would not impede with proper dental health.

Healthy teeth are a combination of genetics and proper dental care. Scientists say that a large part of dental diseases are determined by genetic factors. It is really important the kind of strength of enamel and vulnerability of our gums. However, although genes play an important role, the proper care of your teeth and regular visits to the dentist can overcome a lot of oral health problem. Here are three genetic factors that have the greatest impact on oral health.

Enamel strength. Some people have softer teeth enamel than others. The softer enamel is, the easier it can be violate by bacteria. If you regularly use toothpaste, dental floss and antibacterial mouth rinse, you can keep your teeth healthy, even if your teeth have very soft enamel.

Gum diseases. The researchers found that some people have a gene that increases the risk of developing gum diseases as much as 70 percent. In addition, if your family has weak immune system, you are also at risk of developing gum diseases more common. To avoid this, keep in mind the dentist recommends regular visits. Professional specialists can assess the condition of patient’s gums and give valuable advice.

Strength of saliva. In order for the teeth to be strong and withstand various threats, human body needs calcium, potassium and other chemical elements. But it is not enough to just eat food that contains these elements. They also must be properly absorbed by the body. Saliva plays an important role here. In addition, saliva helps to combat microorganisms in the mouth and keep the enamel healthy. Scientists have proved that some people have genetic combinations that make their saliva perform these functions better. However, all people should pay attention to both their nutrition and dental care.


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